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Benefits of NatureGrow

NatureGrow is a complete fertilizer containing all the Macronutrients and Micronutrients required for healthy plant growth. It also contains organic matter that improves or restores soil fertilizer.

Benefits of the Soil

NatureGrow also contains Humic Acid as a soluble humate extract that confers a multitude of benefits to the soil and plant in the following ways:-


  • Improves soil structure making it more friable.
  • Increases water-holding capacity of soil.
  • Improves soil aeration.
  • Prevents caking(hardpan) of soil.
  • Reduces soil erosion by increasing the cohesive forces of fine soil particles.
  • Speeds up decomposition of poisons in the soil.
  • Help in balancing soil pH.
  • Increases plant nutrition by supplying available trace elements.
  • Reduce toxicity by combining with certain toxic soluble aluminium compounds making it less soluble.
  • Increase retention and utilization of fertilizer and prevent leaching away from the root zone.