NATUREGROW HUMUS FERTILIZER is an organic fertilizer which improves the soil aeration, water permeability and soil aggregate. It also improves the root development and increases the uptake of nutrients which enhance the vegetative and increases yield.

NATUREGROW HUMUS FERTILIZER incorporated with chelating agent such as soluble humates and amino acids which releases the soil nutients such as Phosphate, Iron (Fe) and trace elements also improves microbial activity.

NATUREGROW HUMUS FERTILIZER contains phenolic and carboxylic (-OH and -COOH) functional groups acting as growth promoter by increasing the metabolic and synthesis rate in the plant, thus improving the fruit quality yield.

NATUREGROW HUMUS FERTILIZER is a multi purpose fertilizer containing organic matter of plant origin which is odorless and hyguenic.


Major Elements            

Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorous (PO)
Potassim (K2O)
Magnesium (MgO)
Calsium (CaO)
Sulphur (S)

Minor Elements

Boron (B)
Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn)
Zinc (Zn)



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